2,400C 6" by 6" Laboratory Furnace

2,400C 6" by 6" Laboratory Furnace

The 2400C 6" by 6" Laboratory furnace is a multi-purpose system which comes standard with a 6" diameter by 6" high working area and 2,400C temperature capability. This system comes standard will all the components and features required for a diverse range of applications. It can also easily be modified with an alternative metal hot zone, gas delivery system and or vacuum pumping system to meet specific requirements.

Not sure what you need? Our staff has extensive process experience in applications including, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI), purification, sintering, heat treating and crystal growth. As a result we can provide revolutionary designs that work well and will transition directly to a production environment. 

Lab Furnace 
General Features
Hot Zone Dimensions 6” Diameter by 6” High

6" diameter hearth plate

Temperature Range Up to 2400 C

Thermocouple and Optical Pyrometer

Pressure Range 1 to 760 Torr

0 – 1000torr pressure transmitter
Pumping system includes particulate filter, isolation valve.

Furnace Type Cold Wall, Stainless Steel, Water Jacket

Temperature, pressure and water flow alarms with safety interlocks.

Furnace Configuration Vertical Top Loading

Mechanical Assist and safety lock

Hot Zone Material Graphite with Carbon Felt Thermal Insulation

Custom design available

Power Supply

Low Voltage SCR

PLC control ramp and soak

Gas Distribution

Pressure regulator, air actuated header valves and gas rotameters provided for inert gas delivery

Process Control

Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC  with 8” HMI operator interface

System evacuation,
Rate of rise – Vacuum Integrity Testing
Back fill,
Pressure control
Temperature control
Multiple recipe storage

Any Lab furnace can be fitted with alternative vacuum pumping system, gas delivery, hot zone construction to meet your requirements !!

A TevTech Lab Furnace can help you explore the many characteristics of your company's advanced materials

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Let our experienced team help you develop distinctive solutions to successfully meet your project goals.

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