Pilot - Scale up Assistance

Pilot - Process Scale-up Assistance

TevTech can design, fabricate and then install virtually any component or adaptation of your materials processing system. When your goal is to scale-up a new product or process our engineering team can craft a plan to suit your needs. We understand the importance of life cycle management for a product. Tevtech can help you to maintain or grow your market share.

TevTech’s engineers are very quick to absorb your ideas and expand the plan into feasible project paths. The engineering and operation expertise of our team will help you quickly get through the “fuzzy front end” of your process expansion. This phase is usually the most time consuming and costly portion of any scale-up.

TevTech has helped or customers in a wide range of pilot projects.

  • Management and control of CVD raw materials
  • Enhanced gas distribution systems
  • Increased functionallity to facilitate operator friendly control systems
  • Imagineered and fabricated versatile hot zones

Working closely with you, keeping the planning and execution teams highly informed is the way we convert your new concepts into meaningful work and assure that your pilot system delivers the performance you expect. 

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Let our engineers help you develop distinctive solutions to successfully meet your project goals.

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