Process Control and Automation

Process Control and Automation

Manufacturing advanced materials requires a high level of process automation and system flexibility to improve and maintain quality, and production volume. Having a well-designed process control system provides consistency and accuracy in production and helps you manage production downtime and maintenance efforts.

TevTech can help you maintain or improve your vacuum furnace control system.

Control System Objectives

  • Provide your operator with useful interface with the process equipment
  • Provide automated sequencing for multiple product recipes
  • Provide in-process visual feedback to operator
  • Collect meaningful data for quality management
  • Provide alarm and alert for safety and process raw materials
  • Communicate with safety and operational staff through network

TevTech Solutions

  • Let TevTech maintain your current process automation system
  • We can update PLC ladder logic and HMI programs interface
  • Assist in integration of new and legacy control systems
  • Provide real-time support through remote networking
  • Adding Cellular Communication to existing control system
  • Upgrade or extend your current control system to include networking

ROI: A well designed supervisory controlled system can make your operational staff more efficient and productive.

  • reduce process errors
  • increased flexibility and control 
  • process visibility 
  • data acquisition

TevTech’s engineers are skilled at developing control systems and PLC programs. Properly implemented control systems can save significant money in reduced down time, improved system longevity, and improved product quality. TevTech control systems with data acquisition are used by our customers within their process safety management programs and their total quality systems.

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