Predictive Maintenance Management

Predictive Maintenance Management (PdM)

We can help you develop, maintain and execute a predictive maintenance management plan. A PdM, or condition-based maintenance plan, will help you evaluate the condition of materials processing equipment by performing  continuous equipment condition monitoring. The maintenance team will perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is most cost-effective minimizing the impact to operations

Generally most companies use a time-based maintenance plan on scheduled intervals, this  is labor intensive, and can be very ineffective in identifying and addressing the frequent problems that develop between scheduled inspections, PdM is much more  cost-effective.
The PdM approach uses your process control data to determine at what point in the future maintenance activities will be proper. The added benefit is that most PdM inspection functions can be performed while your system is service, minimizing disruption of manufacturing operations.

Let TevTech help you adopt a PdM plan and realize cost savings and increase system reliability.

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