New Product Development

New Product Development (NPD)

If your company’s goal is to develop a new product; look to TevTech for help.  Our engineering team can leverage your ideas to generate a project plan, detail the resources required and execute the plan.

TevTech’s engineers will quickly develop an understanding of your intentions and expand the plan into feasible project paths. The engineering and process knowledge of our team will help you quickly get through the  front end of your product development process. This phase is usually the most time consuming and costly portion of any NPD process.
Why you should let TevTech help you with developing a new product?

  • Allows your manufacturing team to focus on your current products and operational activity
  • Expands available knowledge base
  • Ease of internal resource management

Example industries of where TevTech has helped our customers develop products;

  • Semiconductor consumables
  • Photovoltaic
  • Crystal Growth
  • Wear Components
  • Defense
  • Optics
  • Automotive

Working closely with you, keeping your team informed and involved is the way we convert your concept into meaningful work and assure that your product is developed according to plan.

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Let our engineers help you develop distinctive solutions to successfully meet your project goals.

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