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Hot Zone Design

The hot zone is by far the most critical component of your system as it is the functional core.  Our staff has the expertise to develop a design that combines temperature uniformity, functionality and longevity. We have extensive experience in designing hot zones that provide proper deposition area containment and exhaust areas. Whether you are looking to improve an existing system or expand capability we can help ensure your projects success.

Hot Zone Key Design Components
  • Insulation Package
  • Water Cooled Power Feed Though
  • Water Cooled Cabling
  • Flow Enclosure or Retort
  • Exhaust Enclosure
  • Heater and Heater Geometry
  • Power Supply

A TevTech designed hot-zone improves your material’s characteristics and performance by delivering repeatable control and thermal uniformity!

Whether your furnace hot zone requires graphite, metal or a combination of materials, our hot zone design will ensure your systems performance and reliability. Our engineers will use the appropriate selection of materials for heaters, insulation and hot zone enclosures that will extend cost savings through reduction of power usage, and durability.

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