Graphitization Furnaces


TevTech’s graphitization furnaces provide an economical process for conversion of carbon to a highly uniform, completely crystallized graphite material.  Through the use of our uniquely designed high temperature heating elements, hot zone, and power distribution we can convert carbon to graphite at a lower cost.

System Capability

The load size is up to 130 cubic feet per run.
The uniquely designed heating element allows for safe and efficient power distribution, with minimal energy losses, to provide an economical way to process large amounts of graphite.

Typical Furnace Components
  • Vacuum chamber with load lifting mechanism
  • Graphite hotzone & Graphite heater arrangement
  • Power supply & Power distribution system
  • Vacuum pumping system
  • Inert gas distribution system
  • Cooling water manifold arrangement
  • PLC Control, Recipe, Safety Alarms and interlocks , Process Deviation & Equipment Status alerts
General Design Specifications
Work Zone Dimensions

Laboratory sized to 60" dia. by 80" High

Temperature Rang

Up to 2,800°C

Pressure Range

Vacuum to 2 psig

Cold Wall, Stainless Steel, Water Jacket

Vertical with Bottom Loading Mechanism

Hot Zone Material Graphite with Graphite Felt Thermal Insulation
Power Supply

PLC with touch screen HMI

Optional Equipment Available
  • Accelerated Cooling System
  • Cooling Water Recirculation System

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