TevTech’s engineers take pride in working with national laboratories, universities, and industrial research and development departments to provide unique high temperature vacuum furnaces and unique materials processing systems. We have helped to develop new materials and improve coating processes.

 Our philosophy when approached by a company who is looking to develop a new process or concepts for improvement on their existing process is to first understand the current process and production  operation.  This guided joint discovery will illuminate the desired features and the opportunities of a current process. The exercise always results in a strong relationship between our engineers and your development team.

From our collective effort we can develop lab-scale proof-of-concept, leading to a pilot process, then to a full scale system design. The new system design borne from the team’s complete understanding of the limitations and the advantages of the existing operation help to ensure the project’s success.

TevTech’s research portfolio is diverse, with a strong knowledge of equipment design, commercial process chemistry, and a unique understanding of how to effectively control process interrelations, we are able to ensure our customers receive sensible and sound results from our experimental work.

Technical Issue Applications

Flow Enclosures :
Flow Uniformity

Graphite hot-zone design to provide unique gas distribution to enhance product characteristics

SiC Coating: Uniformity on
small & unique shapes

Rotational fixturing within the flow enclosure under vacuum

Product Coating Uniformity

Automated process control features to provide recipe control and sequencing

Control Maintenance Costs

Automated process control features to reduce maintenance cost and down-time

CVD Coating Uniformity

Custom designed injectors  MTS vapor delivery

Safety Handling CVD Precursors

Custom designed control system for MTS bulk storage

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