Chemical Vapor Infiltration


Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI)

Chemical Vapor Infiltration is a method of producing ceramic matrix composites in which reactant gases are diffused into a porous substrate and deposited. The resulting deposition reduces the substrates porosity; increasing density. The densification stops once the pores are fully closed.

TevTech CVI systems can be either vertical or horizontal configuration and come standard with a flow enclosure for preform placement and precursor injection which assists in temperature uniformity and containment of the deposition. Our gas distribution systems include a cabinet, MFC's and coriolis MFC's and vaporizer depending upon process gases. Vacuum pump selection is based upon process gases, flow rates and desired operating pressure. Process control is provided by a PLC and touch screen interface. Process recipe programing for automated control and data acquisition is included. Alarms and interlocks for safety, process deviation and equipment protection are also standard.    

TevTech can custom design any derivative of CVI system so you can enhance the qualities and functional characteristics of your advanced materials.

CVI Furnace
General Specification

Product Zone

Custom designed, laboratory to production

Pressure Range

Vacuum to 2 psig

Furnace Type

Cold Wall, Stainless Steel, Water Jacket

Furnace Configuration

Vertical, bottom load


Hot Zone Material

Graphite with Carbon and Graphite Felt Thermal Insulation

Power Supply

Low Voltage Proportional Reactor

Process Control

PLC with HMI operator interface

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