Chemical Vapor Deposition - Coating 

TevTech has garnered a sterling reputation for delivering exceptionally versatile CVD coating equipment. 

Machined graphite components used in semiconductor, solar cell, and LED markets all need unique CVD coatings to function properly.

CVD SiC coated components are chemically inert and thermally stable
A uniform high quality CVD SiC coating helps consumable parts last longer in production; which ultimately lowers manufacturing costs.

  • Silicon Carbide deposit thickness ranges from a coating of 20-40μm 
  • Coating uniformity within +/- 10% routinely achieved in the specified work zone
  • The uniquely designed vapor delivery system provides a repeatable, uniform source of MTS vapor
  • Hot Zone Encapsulation Method ensures the cleanliness of the operation and long life of the cold wall furnace chamber

SiC Coating:
The CVD silicon carbide process combines decomposed methyltrichlorolsilane (MTS) with hydrogen at elevated temperature and reduced pressure at a substrate surface for a controlled deposit of pure theoretically dense silicon carbide. TevTech's Silicon Carbide furnaces utilize our revolutionary vapor delivery system which ensures a constant, uniform and repeatable source of MTS vapor.  TevTech Silicon Carbide furnaces deliver unrivaled silicon carbide quality and deposit uniformity through precise control of MTS delivery along with control of hydrogen delivery, substrate temperature and pressure. The silicon carbide deposit takes place in an encapsulated hot zone to reduce maintenance and to eliminate highly reactive by-products.

CVD - Pyrolytic Boron Nitride - PBN

PBN coated components are chemically inert and thermally stable. PBN is an anisotropic ceramic which possesses a unique blend of very high electrical resistance and excellent thermal conductivity.  PBN is a non-porous material which when synthesized via the CVD process is extremely pure.  One of the wonderful features of PBN material is that it can deposit onto a vast number of physical shapes

Pyrolytic Carbon - PyC
PyC is very high density material with a unique structure composed of either pure carbon or silicon alloyed carbon. Due to its combination of strength and resistance to fatigue it can be used in unique components. Pyrolytic carbon is an ultra-pure product. Like PBN it is extremely anisotropic. The material is typically grown onto a graphite substrate giving it a layered composition. PyC has highly oriented thermal properties. 

CVD Coating 
Typical Specification

Depostion Area

Single or multiple box configuration – Application specific, Net Shape capability

Temperature Range

to 1950°C (material dependent)

Pressure Range

Vacuum to 2 psig

Furnace Type

Cold Wall, Stainless Steel, Water Jacket

Furnace Configuration

Typically furnace is vertical with top or bottom loading

Hot Zone Material

Graphite with Carbon and Graphite Felt Thermal Insulation

Power Supply

Low Voltage
Liquid cooling
PLC  control

Gas Delivery

Automated header valves for raw materials  supply 
Custom piping 
Custom precursor delivery

Process Control

PLC with operator interface

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