CVD Furnaces for Monolithic components

Chemical Vapor Deposition - Monolithic Components (Bulk Material) 

TevTech CVD furnaces produce freestanding monolithic materials that are pure and very close to the theoretical density of the material. The CVD process can synthesis reproducible bulk materials with superior performance characteristics.

CVD SiC Monolithic Material
As previously stated silicon carbide is a unique compound; various SiC products are used in many high-temperature applications. 

TevTech has delivered remarkably versatile CVD systems used in the manufacture of bulk SiC for many applications.

CVD SiC Bulk Materials Applications

    • CVD SiC Etch and RTP rings
    • CVD SiC Reflective Optics
    • Advanced Micro Electronics

Optical (Infrared) Materials Bulk – ZnS & ZnSe
TevTech provides high temperature vacuum furnaces for manufacture of optical materials specifically for use in the infrared band of the spectrum. This sophisticated CVD process can provide Infrared material like zinc sulfide (ZnS) and zinc selenide (ZnSe). Both ZnS & ZnSe have outstanding strength and surface hardness. These materials are preferred material for use in applications where the optical device will be exposed to unforgiving conditions. Our vacuum furnaces for producing optical materials are specifically designed to improve product consistancy, improve throughput, and reduce operating costs.

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride Bulk - PBN    
PBN is an excellent anisotropic ceramic which possesses a unique blend of very high electrical resistance and excellent thermal conductivity.  PBN is a non-porous material that can be machined into a variety of physical shapes

Pyrolytic Carbon  - PyC
PyC is very high density material; its strength and resistance to fatigue allows bulk PyC to be Pyrolytic carbon is an ultra-pure product. Like PBN it is extremely anisotropic.  PyC has highly oriented thermal properties.

SiC Bulk Materials Applications

CVD Bulk 
Typical Specification

Depostion Area

Single or multiple box configuration – Application specific, Net Shape capability

Temperature Range

to ~1950°C (material dependent)

Pressure Range

Vacuum to 2 psig

Furnace Type

Cold Wall, Stainless Steel, Water Jacket

Furnace Configuration

Vertical with bottom cover loading mechanism

Hot Zone Material

Graphite with Carbon and Graphite Felt Thermal Insulation

Power Supply

Low Voltage
Liquid cooling
PLC  control

Gas Delivery

Header valves for raw materials  supply with pneumatic actuators
Custom piping 
Custom precursor delivery

Process Control

PLC with operator interface

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